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Silhouette Cameo Cutters & Plotters

This is the website for Creative Printers of London's online shop. On this shopping website, you can buy a wide range of printing and graphics equipment and accessories. For example, you can buy the following items online:-  Silhouette Cameo, Silhouette Portrait, Spare Blades, Carrier Sheets,  Doming Material, Ribbon Printers, Ribbon Printing Foils etc.

This website features a wide range of t-shirt heat presses, mug printing machines, sublimation inkjet printers, laser printers, transfer papers for light and dark garments, graphtec cutters and plotters, t-shirt printing start-up packages, mug printing packages, cap press, china plates press, flex, flock, glitter t-shirt material etc. Also featured on this website are quality British Made heat presses for those who prefer a more robust and well made heat press.

The screen printing process offers the ultimate in high quality printing of t-shirts and garments. The screen printing process is usually employed when printing  larger runs of t-shirts as it becomes more economical to print larger quantities of t-shirts using the screen printing process over the heat press process. We supply a good range of British Made screen printing machine, ranging from simple one colour to a full 6 colour carousel system. We can also supply complete start up screen printing packages for beginners.

Pad printing machines are widely used for many applications as they are very versatile and can print on flat and non-flat items. This makes  them suitable for printing onto pens, golf balls, lighters, components, industrial marking as well for printing brand names inside of t-shirts!  We supply from table-top pad printers to floor standing multi-colour pad printing machines. Pad printing is also sometimes known as Tampo Printing.

This website focuses on British Made Hot Foil Printing Machines (also know as Hot Foil Stamping Machines, Gold Blocking Machines, Foil Printers and Hot Foil Printers).  Hot Foil Printing Machines are great for adding metallic or matt finish to a wide range of flat products such as greeting cards, wedding cards, business cards, stationery, flat sided pens and pencils, coasters, bookmarks, tax disc holders, advertising gift items, leather, plastic and pvc. The hot foil printing process is clean and dry and the printed items are ready instantly to ship to your customer.

Exposure units, also known as UV Exposure Units are special light boxes which use a series of Ultra Violet Lamps (UV Light). UV light has many properties and is used widely when making electrical pcb boards, hot foil polymer plates, pad printing polymer plates, stencils for glass etching and exposing screens (With Vacuum unit only). We offer a good choice of affordable UV Exposure Units, please check out our website for full details and prices.

This website features a neat little machine which links upto a PC and enables you to digitally print and personalise satin ribbons in any language - all in an instant! You can also use any TrueType font as well as logos and images. Personalised ribbons are in big demand for weddings, flowers, gift items, chocolates, wine bottles, teddy bears, birthdays, parties, celebrations etc. With our ribbon printing machine, there are no set up charges and you can print ribbons from 5mm wide to 100mm wide (sashes).

This is another one of our websites for ribbon printing machines aimed at the USA market. We ship our ZX-40 Ultra Ribbon Printers to all over the world including USA, Canada, the Caribbean Islands, Mexico, Brazil and all over South America.

With our ZX-40 Ultra computer linked printing system, you can now print instant and customised bumper stickers, advertising stickers, security stickers, vehicle stickers, warning stickers, warehousing shelving stickers and a whole lot more!  With our ZX-40 Ultra, you can also print QR codes which enable customers to use their smart phones to go directly to a website. This machine is certainly worth every penny  and can be used anywhere in the world.

This website focuses on plastic id card printing machines. These neat little computer linked machines enable you to digitally print full colour plastic ID cards in an instant - yes, that means you can also print a person’s photo in full colour directly onto a plastic card without any set-up costs or colour separations.  The market for ID Cards is expanding all the time  and typical users include office staff, visitors, businesses, college and university students, clubs and associations to name but a few.

Apart from printing id cards, you can also print and use the plastic cards as business cards, durable luggage tags and key fobs too! Check out our website for more details.

This is  what we classify as our summary website which will give you direct links to all our other websites. As a company, we stock and supply a wide range of printing equipment at affordable prices. Furthermore, we ship our printing machines worldwide at highly competitive rates. Check out this website and get instant access to all our other exciting websites!

We are a major and authorised stockist of Graphtec’s famous Silhouette Cameo digital cutting machines. These smart little machines simply link to a PC or a MAC and allow  you to digitally cut out text or an any image from paper, card, self-adhesive vinyl, t-shirt vinyl, flex, flock and glitter.  Unlike other machines on the market, you do not have to spend additional money on expensive dies as our machines can cut direct from a computer and avoid these unnecessary charges! This website is really well worth visiting.

This is a similar cutter to the Silhouette Cameo but a little smaller (ie. A3 vs A4).  You can carry our all the above task on this machine too, it is great for someone on a limited budget.

If you already have a Silhouette Portrait or a Silhouette Cameo (or indeed any other cutting system with an ‘Optical eye’, then you can use your cutting machine along with some of our doming consumables to make great advertising items! For example, you can create domed key fobs, cufflinks, badges, jewellery, headers for greeting cards and a whole lot more. Be sure to check out this exciting website for full details on our doming business opportunity.

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